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[Aug. 12th, 2008|11:32 pm]
Dead Soldiers: A 1920s Roleplaying Game


Who: Nat Koskorov and Louise Loving
Where: A human-run speakeasy.
When: Around 10 at night.
What: After making a delivery to a human-run speakeasy with a few of her men, Nat stays behind to get a drink and has a rather unexpected encounter.


Ever since her encounter with them upon initially arriving to America, Natasha had never liked humans. As a whole they were entirely useless and living in a city full of them had made her very aware of their less than pleasant smell. Regardless of all this, she still found herself walking into a speakeasy that was no less than crawling with them and much to her own disgust it was entirely of her own free will.

The Red Wolves had made a delivery there that evening and the only reason she had accompanied them was because it was a particularly large delivery that, if successful, would be landing them a fair amount of coin; and considering they had been running rather short on ash as of late, Natasha could not afford to see another job go sour. The delivery went as smoothly as she could have hoped without  any Antonelli interference, and she was using that as her excuse to stay behind and grab a quick drink; she made the rounds of the werewolf-run bars and clubs every week. Everyone knew her, knew what she looked like. At least here, amidst the pungent stench of humans, she could feel somewhat unimportant, like she wouldn't be noticed.

After entering the alley door and removing her coat and jacket, however, she saw something that made her hope to be noticed; at least by her. Upon first glance she thought it was Josephine, but after a double take she was forced to conclude that the woman sitting at the bar across the room was someone else. Even so, she found herself rather unable to take her eyes off her. She didn't look like Josephine, not really; long and lanky with a sharp jaw and slick red hair, though the way she held herself seemed somewhat similar to her previous lover. Her skin was the same, too. Pale and freckled.  Yeah, lots of freckles.

A tap on the shoulder and a disgruntled "Beat it, big six." snapped Natasha out of her reverie, and as her yellow eyes fell on the greasy little human man shoving past her with his bucktoothed ladyfriend, her brow furrowed and a guttural growl escaped her throat. Thankfully the loud band kept the sound from carrying too far, but a few eyes turned her way and the smartass was soon herding his girl away as quickly as possible. Inwardly she scolded herself; she had to lay low in here. If anyone found out she was a werewolf she'd more than likely attract attention, and that wasn't something she wanted here.

Quiet now, she found herself wading through the sea of people populating the space between her and the bar where that girl was sitting. A little voice in the back of her head told her that she shouldn't be doing this, but by the time she was seating herself next to her she had managed to convince herself that asking a simple question wasn't a crime. Her pale back was turned toward her, and she was rather content with that for the time being; admiring her fair skin as she fumbled about in her head for the right words. A few more moments passed before she cleared her throat, ordered a gin and tonic, then tapped the girl on the shoulder.

"Excuse me," she began, "Do you have a sister named Josephine?" Not the most gracefully worded question, but she figured her accent would make up for something. Most women seemed to think accents were sexy.

From: louise_loving
2008-08-13 11:22 pm (UTC)
Louise sat draped on the bar, chin in fist, idly swiveling a stirring stick
through her mint julep. She was with Lily and her girls again, but was doing more listening than talking tonight, if that. It wasn't that she didn't have fun with the girls these days; it was just that the routineness was starting to get to her. Mix up the location, give or take a few dames from Lily's entourage, add a some random dates and encounters with old flames... Shaved to its core, it was basically the same night over and over again. Or maybe she was just too sober. Either way, she suddenly felt a lot like leaving.

She was surprised out of her reverie by the tap on her shoulder, and the man's voice to her right. The accent was alien enough to her that she had to repeat the question in her head twice before she could grasp it. A sister? That was an odd opener, and she had heard a few.

"Sorry, fella, I'm all there is." She glanced at him, taking in the long black hair, and decided he was Indian. Yep. Definitely Indian.
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[User Picture]From: koskorov
2008-08-14 12:09 am (UTC)
Nat hadn't really expected an affirmative response, but the sudden feeling of disappointment made her realize that she had been hoping anyways. Her brow furrowed as she looked the girl over now that she was facing her, somewhat confused with herself. She really didn't look anything like Josephine, though she did sort of smell like her- something she was grateful for considering the stench of most other humans. Either way, she was pretty cute...

It was then that Nat realized that she had been staring at her for god knows how long, and upon this realization her face was promptly flooded with a deep blush. Clearing her throat, she fumbled clumsily for a response. Her accent really didn't help her sound any more articulate.

"Right, uh. Right. Of Course. Sorry."

She turned away awkwardly, thankful for the drink that was then set down in front of her. It was consumed within two seconds.
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From: louise_loving
2008-08-14 12:34 am (UTC)
Nat hadn't been the only one staring, of course. Louise had managed to glance away once, but upon the double-take she was trapped. It was his eyes; the color was nothing she'd seen before, some shade of yellow that was out of this world. It made the hair on her neck stand up, but she couldn't turn away. She was completely disarmed.

He broke his gaze first, and the spell was broken. Louise quickly turned back to her drink, debated over whether she should really continue drinking, and then took one large gulp before she had made up her mind. No, she had probably just imagined it. The light was low, and she had a few drinks.

Yet when she spoke again, her voice was shaky. "Haven't seen ya around here much. You from outta town?"
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[User Picture]From: koskorov
2008-08-14 12:43 am (UTC)
Nat easily picked up on her shaky voice, causing her to frown again. Did this girl know who she was? She didn't think her picture had been in the papers that much. God dammit, she must have known who she was. Why else would she sound like that?

It took her a bit to realize that she had been staring at her drink as she pondered this and not answering her question. In an attempt to look casual, she ordered another cocktail and glanced over at the girl with a flat expression, though she couldn't help but show a bit of interest. She took a moment to glance up and down her form very quickly before responding. She was pretty.

"I came to Chicago from out of town a long time ago. I just don't spend much time in this part of the city."

Her next drink came quicker than the last and she took a sip, grateful for the distracting sting.
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From: louise_loving
2008-08-14 01:24 am (UTC)
Louise took a moment to appraise the man's face from the side while his head was turned. Strong jaw, high cheekbones... a scowl that seemed all too comfortable on his face, and that dark hair draped over it all like a curtain. Definitely the brooding, mysterious type. She wondered what his secrets were.

"I've only been around here a few years, but trust me honey, you're probably better off wherever you are." She smiled, considering him silently.

The mint julep spread warmly throughout her stomach, emboldening her. "I'm Louise. But I can see you're a man of few words, so you can call my Lou. What's your name, stranger?"
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[User Picture]From: koskorov
2008-08-14 01:37 am (UTC)
Nat inwardly cringed at the question. From he moment this girl had prolonged their conversation she had figured that it would be inevitable, but even so she felt a strong feeling of dread wash over her as the question was posed. Why did she have to be so damn terrible at lying?

"Nat." She muttered, quickly downing the rest of her drink. Her expression as she did so made it look as if she had just swallowed a glass full of something rancid. She cleared her throat and cast a glance at Louise, offering a small, barely visible smirk. "Your name suits you. It's cute."
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From: louise_loving
2008-08-14 12:13 pm (UTC)
Louise's face flushed red, and she wanted to kick herself for it. Sure, she blushed a lot, but she had only just met this guy, there was something seriously creepy about him, and that line about her name being cute was pretty awful. But the way he said it... That damn exotic accent! Did Indians speak like that? Maybe she'd been wrong about his heritage.

At the same time, she had a feeling, a hunch in her gut, that Nat wasn't the sort of guy she ought to get caught up with. He seemed gentle enough now, but there was a hardness about him too, and he was hiding something. What dismayed Louise the most was the fact that she found herself captivated by him. So her decision to dig a little further wasn't entirely out of suspicion.

"So who's this Josephine dame? She your girlfriend?"
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[User Picture]From: koskorov
2008-08-14 02:58 pm (UTC)
Another drink was set down in front of Nat and she grew increasingly thankful for her formidable alcohol tolerance. After scoffing slightly, to herself, at the question Louise posed, she took a sip of her drink and glanced over at the redhead with a thick brow arched.

"Was." She replied with a hint of bitterness, yellow eyes catching gray ones briefly before settling on something behind the girl. After taking a few moments to silently brood, she unclenched her jaw and softened her expression a bit, meeting her eyes again, "Be glad you are not her sister."

A faint smirk followed, suggesting that her entirely un-funny statement was something of a joke.
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