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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2008|11:25 pm]
Dead Soldiers: A 1920s Roleplaying Game

Alright folks, we've moved! Click on the picture below to go to our website.

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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2008|11:32 pm]
Dead Soldiers: A 1920s Roleplaying Game

Who: Nat Koskorov and Louise Loving
Where: A human-run speakeasy.
When: Around 10 at night.
What: After making a delivery to a human-run speakeasy with a few of her men, Nat stays behind to get a drink and has a rather unexpected encounter.


Ever since her encounter with them upon initially arriving to America, Natasha had never liked humans. As a whole they were entirely useless and living in a city full of them had made her very aware of their less than pleasant smell. Regardless of all this, she still found herself walking into a speakeasy that was no less than crawling with them and much to her own disgust it was entirely of her own free will.

The Red Wolves had made a delivery there that evening and the only reason she had accompanied them was because it was a particularly large delivery that, if successful, would be landing them a fair amount of coin; and considering they had been running rather short on ash as of late, Natasha could not afford to see another job go sour. The delivery went as smoothly as she could have hoped without  any Antonelli interference, and she was using that as her excuse to stay behind and grab a quick drink; she made the rounds of the werewolf-run bars and clubs every week. Everyone knew her, knew what she looked like. At least here, amidst the pungent stench of humans, she could feel somewhat unimportant, like she wouldn't be noticed.

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Caught [Mar. 19th, 2008|02:20 am]
Dead Soldiers: A 1920s Roleplaying Game

Who: Nat Koskorov and Mizinovskaia Koskorov
Where: Red Wolves HQ, specifically Nat's flat.
When: Early-ish morning.
What: Nat tries to sneak back home undetected after a night spent at Josephine's only to be caught by her sister.


It wasn't really cheating on Fiona, was it?

No. She was just walking and happened to see those two vampires attack Josephine in the alley next to a building that just happened to be Josephine's new home. She'd disposed of the two undead quickly, though not entirely clean. They had been wielding silver weapons as it had turned out and as a result she'd been injured. It wasn't too severe, but a silver wound was a silver wound, right? That completely justified going upstairs into Josephine's room with her, shifting back to her naked human form, and falling asleep in the blonde's arms for the duration of the night.


Such thoughts plagued Natasha's mind as her quick pace took her further from Josephine's apartment building and closer to her own. The other woman was still asleep when she left, but Nat had taken a moment to write her a note thanking her for her care. And just because the note detailed her love didn't mean it was necessarily romantic, right? Just because she kissed her before she left didn't mean it was a romantic display of affection. Natasha's mother kissed her cheek all the time when she was a child. Nothing to fret over.

Even so, she found herself fretting. Even her dark skin felt somewhat clammy as she turned the knob into the Red Wolves headquarters main hall. Despite the somewhat early hour of 8:00 am, she was surprised and entirely relieved to find the foyer to be void of people. Considering that was subject to change at any moment, she hurried up the winding staircase to her residence on the top floor. She pressed her ear against the door as she arrived, listening for any signs of inhabitants. With any luck Fiona was out tending to her daily routine by now and Mizi was out getting doped up in some Chink opium den on the other side of town.

Allowing herself to relax a bit, she slid the key into the lock and turned it as quietly as she could manage (to avoid the risk of being heard if someone did happen to be in the apartment), then opened it just as quietly, shut it behind her, and made sure to lock it tight too.
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Nat Koskorov & Alexei Revnik [Mar. 9th, 2008|10:58 pm]
Dead Soldiers: A 1920s Roleplaying Game
Who: Nat Koskorov & Alexei Revnik
Where: The Blue Moon, a Werewolf club Fiona sings at.
When: As late at night as ever.
What: Nat reunites with a ghost from her past -- namely her husband from the Old Country, who isn't dead after all. Awkward all around, that.

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Josephine & Mizinovskaia [Feb. 13th, 2008|11:15 pm]
Dead Soldiers: A 1920s Roleplaying Game
Who: Josephine & Mizinovskaia
Where: The stairwell at Werewolf HQ.
When: Late enough to be night, too early yet to be morning.
What: Women with addictive personalities meet at a most delicate of times. Hurrah!


The rumble of thunder outside seemed to echo inside her. Josephine shuddered. She pulled her still damp coat around her and still she shuddered. Though the blonde didn't relish the idea of heading back into what was fast becoming a storm, right at that moment she just wanted out of the building. After all, the cooling rain on in her hair, on her clothes, on her face, wasn't the only thing putting a chill in her bones.

She took the stairs down quickly.

How stupid did she feel? Well, she had just shown up at Nat's doorstep in tears, blubbering like some schoolgirl and looking like hell. She had just proceeded to make an idiot of herself, crying and hiccuping her way through apologies, only to have the other werewolf retire back to her apartment. Her apartment, where that woman waited in bed for her. Nat might not be a man -- technically -- but she sure as hell knew how to act like one.

Josephine rubbed her eyes. The effects of the night's earlier drinks still lingered, and combined with her humiliation they was making a soupy mess of her mind. That, likely, was the reason that she missed her next step and half stumbled down the three stairs in front of her.
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Bitches and Steaks [Feb. 13th, 2008|09:58 pm]
Dead Soldiers: A 1920s Roleplaying Game

Who: Natasha Koskorov, Mizinovskaia Koskorov, Fiona Kelly
Where: A high-end restaurant somewhere near the Red Wolves headquarters.
When: Somewhat early in the evening.
What: Natasha takes Fiona out to dinner with intent to introduce her to her newly arrived sister.


Natasha was particularly sleepy that evening. It was just a day past the full moon and obviously she had got no sleep that night, so waking up at 4:oo p.m. to be dressed in time for dinner was less than desirable for. Even so, she had promised Fiona a dinner and she was not one to fall back on promises she made.

She stifled a heavy yawn as the waiter saw the two of them to their somewhat out of the way booth, stepping out of the way to allow Fiona to slide in before her. She was quick to follow, all too eager to embrace the comfort the soft booth offered. She relaxed almost immediately, removing her coat and hat and setting them aside with a sigh.

Her hand found its way onto Fiona's leg and she offered her a weak smile, using the other arm to support her weight as she leaned slightly on the table.

"What'll you have to drink, vourda?"
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Dante Antonelli & Tallulah Gonne [Feb. 12th, 2008|12:54 pm]
Dead Soldiers: A 1920s Roleplaying Game
Who: Dante Antonelli & Tallulah Gonne
Where: Dante's club/speakeasy/watering hole.
When: Night -- obviously -- but before the bar opens.
What: Tallulah swings by for her first night of work and finally gets to meet her new employer.

Christ, liquor tasted like sour piss.

Dante had learned, over the years, to stifle the initial impulse to curl his lip at even a whiff of the stuff, but that hadn't meant he'd ever learned to enjoy it. Even in his own club he had to endure it, if only to project the correct appearance. It was a kick in the pants that he contemplated, bored, while turning his glass on the top of the counter and ignoring the list of expenses he told his manager he would go over. He could afford the booze, the new singer, the band, whatever. Dante didn't trust easily, but he trusted the man's opinion when it came to crowdpleasing. If he said a girl was good, she was good.

The place wasn't open yet. It was still early in the night, and considering who he preferred to cater to the joint didn't really set to swing until midnight anyway. The bartender was still cleaning up. The chairs were still being pulled off the tables and placed on the swept floors.

Dante's eyes snagged on the small, empty stage to the far side of the room. He frowned, turning to ask the man behind the bar what time it was.
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2008|04:26 pm]
Dead Soldiers: A 1920s Roleplaying Game
Who: Dorothy Campbell and Dante Antonelli
Where: Dante's speakeasy
When: Around midnight. Who knows, everyone here's drunk anyways!
What: Dottie is flitting around Dante's speakeasy looking for something to occupy her time with when she manages to catch sight Dante himself.


There was nothing Dorothy Campbell enjoyed more than spending an evening at a speakeasy flirting with handsome, intoxicated men and, well, getting a little tipsy herself. Most alcohol had lost its taste since the little change in her life a few years prior but the appeal of a buzz still hadn't quit lost its flare for her. It was, in fact, still enjoyable enough for her to endure the unpleasant taste alcohol now left in her mouth most every night of the week.

And this night was no exception. Unfortunately it was a Sunday night, though, so all the handsome men had gone home early and the speakeasy was somewhat empty, at least as far as Dottie was concerned. Even her small number of friends had left early, leaving her to sit at the bar twirling back and forth on her stool as she daintily sipped her drink through the stirrer. A pair of pale blue eyes scanned the dance floor, the marked emptiness reminding her just how bored she was. Even the band was playing a dull tune at this point. Regardless of all this, though, she didn't want to go home.

And then she caught sight of him; Dante Antonelli, the head of the joint. She'd seen him a few times before, even chatted with him once or twice. By her usual standards, he wasn't particularly handsome but just having the knowledge that he was rich; rich enough to own this establishment to begin with, and smart enough to run it...that and, well, he was one of the first successful vampires she had run across...she was more than willing to toss that standard out the window for him. She squeaked and jumped slightly, taking one last sip from her drink before she set it down on the counter behind her and found a quick and light gait carrying her over to him.

"Hiya, Mister Antonelli!" She chirped as she managed to catch up just behind him. Her high voice was thick with her usual (and rather obnoxious) northern accent, and her skinny fingers reached out to grip his arm. She quickly matched his pace to bring herself to his side, "Gee, it's dull in here tonight. How can you even stand it in here on Sundays, huh?"

The giggle that followed sounded akin to a mule that had been sucking helium.
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2008|08:36 am]
Dead Soldiers: A 1920s Roleplaying Game
Who: Natasha Koskorov and Josephine Hall
Where: Frank and Josephine Hall's apartment.
When: Around seven years ago, in the aftermath of Natasha killing her father. Late at night, naturally.
What: Nat and Jo meet for the first time -- truly, a match made in home invasion.


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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2008|02:25 pm]
Dead Soldiers: A 1920s Roleplaying Game


Who: Natasha Koskorov and Mizinovskaia Koskorov
Where: Natasha and Fiona's apartment
When: A recent cold, rainy night.
What: Natasha is just settling down to get some work done after Fiona has gone to bed when her sister comes knocking at the door.


It was cold that day. Not that the cold usually shook Natasha, but it had been notably so that evening on her way home from dinner with Fiona. So much that, the moment they arrived back at their apartment, she had rushed to the fireplace and lit a sizable blaze. She and Fiona had spent a while relaxing in front of it, idly chatting over warm drinks before the brunette decided to turn in for the evening. In her wake, Natasha picked up some paperwork that rather desperately needed doing.

And so after pouring herself another glass, she settled herself on the sofa in front of the roaring fire and began to sort through the stack of papers in her lap. The torrent of freezing rain outside pounded at the window and caused her to pause in her reading and glare over her shoulder in its general direction. The sound of falling rain combined with a warm fireplace was certainly not the ideal formula for staying awake, especially when there was paperwork to be done.
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